Hello Summer!

There are two things I cannot believe,

1. Two weeks of summer are done!

2. I haven’t posted anything in months.

The past couple of months have been a whirlwind: teaching + grad school + a second job. I definitely bit off more than I could chew but now that summer is here, I feel so much better. Here are some snaps of summer so far…

My bell pepper plant.


Spending quality time with this guy.


Breakfast made from finds from the Farmers Market.




And to finding new yummy places. Thanks Kelly for the recommendation to the Orange Spot CoffeeHouse 🙂



Meet My Roomie

He has the most beautiful blonde hair you’ll ever see. His luscious locks can be easily confused for Rapunzel’s hair. He has the voice of an angel when he hears sirens blare.

The biggest issue with my roommate is that he thinks he is a human, but in fact, he is a Husky Golden Retriever mix. Meet my roomie Chance

He knows how to work a camera.

baseball hat

He can give anyone a lesson or two on how to give the evil eye.

evil eye

He is my best friend

best friends

Who easily confuses himself as royalty.


As a coping mechanism to a bad break up, I adopted Chance in November of 2010. Cue Carrie Underwood’s The More Boys I Meet.