2 Ingredient Pancake

I have finally mastered the 2 ingredient pancake that lots of people rave about. It took nearly a year but I got it down and I am in love. There are two key things I continued to mess up. First, use low heat. I usually make it right when I wake up and let it cook while I get ready. Next, use all the batter for one pancake. I tried to make silver dollar size pancakes. Completely unnecessary, use it all. 


All you need is a medium banana and an egg. I added two tablespoons of ground flax seed to thicken up the batter as well as some added nutrients and staying power. Mash up the banana, then add the egg (and flax seed if you wish). Spray your pan, I used coconut oil, and pour batter in. Flip the pancake when the pancake is bubbling all over. 


I have been topping mine with almond butter and blueberries but tomorrow I think I’ll try strawberries. They have been calling my name in the morning. 



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