What I Ate Thursday

This week has gone by faster than lightning. Midway through Wednesday, I realized it was in fact Wednesday, and I hadn’t snapped a single picture of my eats. So yesterday I decided to make up for it.

I woke up to a big thunderstorm and had breakfast in bed while watching Shark Week. It was heavenly.


Plain Chobani sweetened with Stevia and a little coconut extract, topped with blueberries and almonds. I also had an apple with coconut peanut butter. I cannot get enough of this stuff.

This held me over for a long time and I didn’t eat lunch until around 1:30pm.


Lunch came together in a jiffy thanks to some prep work on Sunday. I grilled a bunch of chicken and made a huge salad to last through the week. I dipped my chicken in a sauce (mustard + sriracha).

About an hour later I had a sweet tooth so I had some fruit.


And of course I had to try one of my Coconut Energy Cookie Dough Bites.


Before I went to my last Intro to Cross Fit class, I had a Quest Bar.


When I got out of class, I was in a hurry to make it downtown to meet some friends. I wasn’t too hungry so I whipped together a smoothie.


In the smoothie was coconut water, half of a frozen banana, 1 scoop of About Time Mocha Mint Protein, and some ice.

Here’s to being back on track next week!


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