Friday Favorites — I love the 90’s

First, I had the simplest, most delicious breakfast this morning.


Yogurt bowl (Plain Chobani + Coconut Extract + Stevia + Unsweetened Coconut + Blueberries + Coconut Peanut Butter) with an apple. It was perfect after a tough workout this morning. I did a legs workout I got here (Week 1, Workout 2) but adapted it slightly to fit my needs.

Friday Favorites

This past week I have noticed that I have been obsessing about the 90’s, specifically movies and music.


One of my favorite 90’s movies, She’s All That, my friends and I watched one night. What a blast from the past seeing actors when they just started out.

travis tritt clintblack blackhawk

On Pandora I have been playing 90’s Country Radio. I just love that station more than words can explain. Travis Tritt,  Clint Black, and Blackhawk have been filling my radio waves. I love 90’s country.

Aside from my 90’s obsession this week, my coconut obsession has been in full swing. This past week I found Earth Balance Coconut Peanut Butter on big time sale at Harris Teeter.


I had been eyeing this peanut butter for a while now and finally bought after the sale price I could not pass up. It’s the perfect addition to oatmeal, apples, and yogurt or just to eat straight out of the jar.

I have the next week off before we start the school year up again. I bought a bunch of Mary Kay Andrews books on sale, I love her books. Savannah Breeze is my favorite book she has written and is a perfect beach read!


This week I started Ladies Night and I cannot put it down.

Happy Friday!


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