Mango Overnight Oats

The last time I had overnight oats, I was in college and I didn’t think anything great of them.  They were good, but I preferred my hot oats. The heat in Charleston has been getting the best of me and eating hot oats was unfathomable yesterday morning, but I did, because I just love them so much. Last night I decided to tango with overnight oats again. I based my recipe off of this one from Peanut Butter Fingers, one of my favorite bloggers.

mango oo 1

This is what I used for mine:


.5 c Unsweetened Almond Milk + some extra in the morning

6 oz container Mango Chobani

2/3 c Oats

2 T Chia Seeds


Last night I combined the milk, oats, yogurt, and chia seeds and let it sit overnight. This morning I transferred the oats to a bowl and mixed in some more almond milk (it all depends on the consistency that you like your oats). Voila!

mango oo 2

This morning I found one strawberry left in the container. Just one single, lonely strawberry. There is no telling how that situation happened but I fixed it. This breakfast was very filling and the perfect fuel for any kind of day. I’m proud to say I am an overnight oats fan and can’t wait to make all different kinds! Today I’m off to go paddle boarding with some friends, which has been on my list of things to do since moving to Charleston!


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