Stadiums & Salads

Call me crazy but this past weekend I had a sudden urge to complete a stadium workout. I was toying around with many different ideas until I came up with this workout. A couple of my friends and I completed this workout yesterday after school.

Upper Body: AMRAP 15 minutes

– Up/Down Aisle 1

– Bicep Curl with Band (5 on each side)

– 10 Tricep Dips

– Up/Down Aisle 1

–  Shoulder Raises with Band (5 on each side)

– Bent Over Row with Resistance Band

Lower Body: AMRAP 15 minutes

– Up Aisle 1, sideways, left leg leading, then down Aisle 1

– 10 Squats with Band

– 10 Lunges (5 on each side)

– Up Aisle 1, sideways, right leg leading, then down Aisle 1

– Walk Backs with Band (5 on each side)

– 5 Push-ups

It was a great workout and running up the stairs on the side of your leg was a killer.  I woke up feeling great this morning and plan on doing more workouts like these in the future. The feeling may have also been from a fabulous dinner last night with friends. For the past two Tuesdays my friends and I have had pot luck dinners and grilled out at each others houses. Everyone has been contributing somethings and it’s been a perfect way to enjoy a Tuesday evening. Last nights dinner was especially delicious.

Tuesday Dinner 2

I was so excited about the dinner that I completely forgot to take a picture of it before I started. This is the best picture I could salvage from having already gone to town on my dinner. The dinner included grilled chicken, fruit salad, a veggie salad, and Greek quinoa salad. So many salad variations and each one was on point. It was all delicious and a perfect summer dinner. Plus we had cookies for dessert.


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